Bissell 82H1 Review – Cheap But Impressive

By: Ellen Woods, Milwaukee, WI

I’m a Dyson diehard fan for quite sometimes until the last vacuum I had retired. I was rooting to have a newer version of it but I started to hesitate when I learned that the prices were too high. When I learned about the Bissell 82H1 I started scouting for reviews online and after a period of time, I decided to have one for my house. Right now, my Bissell vacuum cleaner is three years old already and I have some good times with it. So, if you’re serious about buying this Bissell upright vacuum cleaner I would like to give you some insights which I believe can help you a lot.

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LG LuV300B Review- Enough Reasons To Like It

By: Anna D Greene, New Ark, New Jersey

I have bought my first LG LuV300B cleaner exactly a year ago and I highly recommend this to anyone who can use extra help in cleaning. I’m a pet lover and I have three big golden retriever and 2 toddlers at home, so I really have a lot of cleaning to do from time to time. I really have a tough time cleaning my hardwood floor and carpet flooring with my previous upright vacuum cleaner.

When I learned about this LG vacuum cleaner I felt like I finally found my dream vacuum. As much as I am thrilled with the effectiveness of my LG bagless vacuum cleaner there are some issues which I think can use a little improvement. If you’re interested to know my thoughts on this product, then you should read a long. Continue reading

Eureka 4870MZ Vacuum Cleaner Review- What’s Good About it

If you manage to land on this post then I would assume that you are looking for an upright vacuum cleaner that’s fairly cheap.  I have used quite a number of vacuum cleaners in the past ranging from bagged to bagless to upright cleaners and one of those is the Eureka 4870MZ. To tell you frankly, it’s not one of my favorites and I would have replaced long before I realized that I spent too much on this one. If you’re curious about this Eureka Smartvac vacuum cleaner, I might just give you a hand.

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One Year Experience and Review of The Bissell Cleanview Helix 21K3

One Year Experience and Review of The Bissell Cleanview Helix 21K3

By: Ethel McDonald, Vidalia, GA

It has been exactly a year now since I first bought my Bissell Cleanview Helix 21K3 I and have been through a lot with it. I have had frustrations, surprises, doubts over this Bissell vacuum cleaner but at the end of the day it all boils down to the value of the money I spent.  If your reading this review, then I suppose you are also interested in buying this upright vacuum cleaner. I hope that my first hand experience and the thoughts that I will share with you here, will help you get good picture of what to expect with this deep cleaning machine.

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Review- Why Pay More When You Can Have it for Less

By: Marry Evans, Dallas, Texas

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Review- Why Pay More When You Can Have it for Less

As much as I hate buying stuff, I always see to it that I always get the most out of the money that I am spending. That is why when my good old vac gave up on me I had to look for another one in the market.  There were quite a few which I was interested with but the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum was one that sooths my eyes.  Like you, I also took some time researching about this Shark vacuum cleaner and believe me; you won’t find a better deal than this.  For the benefit of the doubt, I’d like to share with you some thoughts that might help you decide in the future. I hope I can help you in the best way I could. Continue reading

My Review Of The Hoover UH30010COM

By: Victoria Durham, Kentucky

I had my fair share of the Hoover UH30010COM and I thought maybe it’s time to give it some credit with this review of mine. It’s really that great for bagged type of upright vacuum cleaner because it comes with a separate portable vacuum for wall and over the head cleaning.  As much as I like this cleaner, there are some issues with it that I’d rather not have. If you’re reading this article right now, then you probably want to know more about the UH30010COM by Hoover. Just read a long and I will share with you some of the experience I had using it.

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Hoover UH70120 Vacuum Cleaner Review

By: Evelyn E, Seattle

Frankly speaking it was not in my intention to buy a Hoover UH70120. But after doing a lot of readings, research and comparing, I finally decided to have one for me. You are probably looking for a review about this product that is why you’re here right now reading my article. Before we begin I’d like to tell you that whatever speculations you have encountered, just keep them that way. This upright vacuum cleaner is no pushover.

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Dyson DC28 Animal – Not The Cheapest, But Worth Every Penny

By: Monica Blair, Sioux City, IA

DYSON DC28As as money is concerned, I am one to make sure that it’s worth spending. That is why when I decided to get a new upright vacuum cleaner for my apartment I did a lot of research of what’s the best deal out there. If you’re a cheapskate like me, and if you’re planning to buy a Dyson DC28, I’d like to share with you my experiences with this Dyson vacuum cleaner and what I think about this one. If you want to know why it’s worth paying five hundred bucks, read along.

Here’s What I Think are the Assets of Dyson DC28 Animal

  • As expected, it comes with great power suction that enables it to clean the carpet deeply
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A Review of Dyson DC24 Ball

By: Vera R. Holt, Long Island City, NY

If you’re reading my Dyson DC24 review, then you must be considering a purchase. I too did plenty of research before deciding on this product. While I will say right off the bat that I would highly recommend this vacuum, I will also point out a few areas that leave some room for improvement.

If you found this review then I would assume you are interested in buying the Dyson DC 24. I would like to tell you that its one of my favorite Upright vacuum cleaner and I have done my home work regarding this product. But as much as I liked it, there are a few things which I believe can be improved with it. I’m sure you already know the good stuff, but I know you wanted to know what the other side of the picture is.

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My Personal Experience And Review Of Dyson DC25 Ball

By: Mary D. Aguilar, Atlanta

It was a series of great reviews that I read during my pre-purchase research that eventually led to me deciding on my Dyson DC25 vacuum. After owning and using this vacuum for a few months I figured I would return the favor, and share my own Dyson DC2DYSON DC25 BALL ALL-FLOORS5 review. While in general I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase, I will try to be objective enough to include a few minor things that could use a little improvement.

After days of researching and reading the latest reviews on the top sites today, I have finally decided that I will choose the Dyson DC25 cleaner and buy it. After the purchase and working with my new cleaner I thought maybe I should return the favor and write a review about it. Of course, I would not try to sell out the product to you not unless you are already sold to it even before you found this review.

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